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An Overview of the Instrument Industry and Its Present Situation

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At present, China's instrumentation industry is in high-speed development, the import and export deficit is relatively large, in the entire electromechanical industry is restructuring and restructuring progress relatively fast industry, a considerable num
First, the instrument industry overview

At present, China's instrumentation industry is in high-speed development, the import and export deficit is relatively large, in the entire electromechanical industry is restructuring and restructuring progress relatively fast industry, a considerable number of state-owned enterprises have been private, foreign-funded enterprises are also very active Many well-known instrumentation multinational companies are investing or expanding production in China.

China's instrumentation industry should also be concerned about the following circumstances

First of all, China is a developing country, instrumentation industry and developed countries compared to 10 to 15 years gap. However, in the ranks of developing countries, China is the instrumentation industry's largest and most complete, the most comprehensive strength of a country.

Second, China's large demand for instrumentation, is one of the fastest growing countries.

Third, at present, the instrumentation industry is a direct competition with foreign industries. Foreign investment in China has entered the third stage. The first phase of the joint venture and technology-based output, the 20th century, 90 years before and after the joint venture into the second phase of holding, and now has entered the sole proprietorship and mergers of China's outstanding third-oriented enterprises.

Fourth, some middle and low products have a scale advantage and international market competitiveness. Such as domestic ordinary digital multimeter and other products in the world accounted for a large proportion of production, household energy meter production accounted for 50% of the world. At present, China has become a power meter, microscope, telescope, thermometer, pressure gauge, water meter, gas meter, optical components and other products of the production and export power, container testing equipment and other high-end products also began to make a breakthrough.

Second, the status of instrumentation technology overview

At present, China's production of products to meet the scientific research, production and social aspects of the general needs, but the high-end needs still rely mainly on imports. The following combination of instrumentation for a detailed analysis of the category.

Instrumentation product variety variety, covering a wide range. In accordance with the national new national economic classification standards, instrumentation products have 20 categories, can be summarized as industrial automation instrumentation and control systems, scientific test equipment, commonly used instrumentation and special instrumentation and other four categories. Among them, the pillar industries of the national economy and the greatest impact on major equipment, on behalf of the industry level is the automated control system and the backbone of field instruments, key precision test equipment two parts.

Automated control systems and backbone field instruments:

The first class, commonly used temperature measurement, pressure measurement, flow, display and control instrumentation products. Such products to the middle and low majority, our enterprises have the ability to undertake such products to improve the improvement and market adaptability research and development.

The second category, the 20th century, 80 years and early 90s the introduction of technology and has been made of products. Such products, Chinese enterprises have mastered the core manufacturing technology, to stabilize the production, the product also has a certain market share. However, due to a new generation of foreign products have matured and a large number of access to the market, so the current production of our products are mainly used for small and medium-sized projects.

The third category, China's own research and development of high profile products, representative products such as decentralized control system (DCS) and electromagnetic flowmeter. The basic performance and functionality of these products have been close to that of foreign products, with higher market share and rising. But the application of the object is still small and medium-sized projects mainly for large-scale projects mainly non-major devices, non-primary control system and non-critical work

The fourth category, to the national key project-oriented large-scale projects using high profile products. At present, the vast majority of projects in China use the production and import of foreign-funded enterprises, such as large-scale DCS system, PLC, nuclear power digital control system and instrumentation, high-precision pressure / differential pressure transmitter, large pressure / wear / Control valve, mass flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter and other products, as well as the amount of less technical difficulties, the strong variety.

Instrumentation industry status quo

In recent years, China's instrumentation to maintain the growth rate of development, industry prospects clear situation, high boom, is widely optimistic. Especially the detection of analytical instruments and independent research and development of automation equipment.

China's instrumentation with the market environment changes, China's economic restructuring and new energy development, showing a new layout characteristics and changes. For now, China in the field of automated control systems and field instruments and key precision test equipment is still relatively weak, high-end equipment market share is low, which is the future development of instrumentation must break through the bottleneck.

In terms of current market share analysis, the higher proportion of instrumentation products, mainly in the detection equipment, optical instruments, power meters, variable resistors, drives, filters, heat exchangers, monitors and other fields. Analytical instruments and laboratory equipment is currently the largest demand for products, especially in the field of experimental measurement instruments, with a large room for growth.

Electrical instrumentation field is currently in a low-profit state, mainly due to the industry's excess capacity caused by more. Specific performance in the precision meter, portable meter demand shrinking, but the digital instrument, high-tech products demand is still relatively obvious, competitive advantage is greater. The future of electrical instrumentation market demand will be more focused on intelligent, high-tech new products.
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